India Builds Anti-Terrorist Armored Electric Golf Cart

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The $45,000 Indian-built and -designed Metaltech Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart is essentially an armored golf cart designed to withstand grenade attacks. Although seemingly the least threatening armored vehicle ever built, it makes perfect sense for Mumbai-like confined quarters anti-terrorism use.


In the wake of 2008's Mumbai terrorist attacks, Indian special forces have searched for tools to help them combat the kind of shootouts they faced: narrow corridors, hotel lobbies, confined spaces. Large armored trucks are great, but the Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart goes where it can't including down hallways and into elevators where it can be used to extract civilians or bring the fight to terrorists.

The designers claim it can withstand close range fire and grenade blasts and runs for six hours on a single charge with a top speed of around 15 MPH. The ATAC is still in development, but a prototype will be used by India's elite special forces unit. Given what they could make out of a one-person golf cart, imagine what they'd do with an AT-ST.

Still, despite what we're sure are some obvious uses, we have to say that a toy like this would completely fail as an anti-Zombie defense vehicle. We'll stick to our current list of post-apocalyptic survival vehicles, thank you very much. []

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This thing looks like it was built by Hannibal, Murdoch, Face, and B.A. in a barn with a blow torch and hand tools. Later it will bust through a barn door and do donuts in an effort to scare away the dictator and militia and return the village to a life of peace and tranquility.