Hummer Not Dead Yet, GM Considering Other Offers

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Hold the phones! Two previous suitors for Hummer have stepped up in the wake of China's failure to secure a deal and, of course, us running our fucking Hummer eulogy. Talk about back-room Saab-like B.S. []

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GM marketed this product wrong. It should have been an extension to the GMC line.

Making dealers build million dollar standalone building to sell 3 different models of a truck (now two models) was just stupid.

If they had kept the H1, H2, and H3, and made them products available through GMC dealers or Chevy dealers, as part of the Chevy or GMC truck lines, they would have been so much better off. Trying to make the "Hummer" brand was a foolish waste of capital. The Hummer did not NEED branding. IT WAS BRANDING. There was NO mistaking what a hummer was. Everyone knew a hummer when they saw it. THAT IS BRAND RECOGNITION. They threw countless dollars at the brand which needed no branding.

It would have been much better as a niche product they could scale back when sales slumped with no problems.

But no. It was to be it's OWN, COMPLETE, STAND-ALONE brand.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid.