Best Barn Find Ever Gets Better: Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II

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Yesterday, we told you about a British man that found two delivery mileage E30 M3s and a Ford RS200 in a barn. Turns out there was a Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II in there as well.

Keeping the homologation theme with the Group B Ford and Sport Evo M3s, the Merc Evolution II was created to compete in Group A touring cars against the Bimmers. The defining component of this car is the huge rear wing, the largest ever fitted to a four-door straight from the Mercedes factory. Homologation rules at the time included aerodynamics (hence the adjustable rear wings on the M3s) so the Evolution II was fitted with the competition bodykit, including enormous wheel flares and an incredibly deep front splitter. The Evo II came with a ride height adjustment knob so drivers could ease the car over speed bumps.


Yesterday's cars:

While normal 2.5-16s made a paltry 195 HP, the Evo II used higher compression and modified valve lift timing to achieve 232 HP. It was also fitted with larger brakes, firmer coil over suspension and 17-inch wheels. It could hit 60 MPH in 7.0 seconds and reach 155 MPH.

As you can see, the lucky collector made off with all four cars, they're pictured in his trailer as he drives around showing them off. We've never wished we could be another human being so much before. [via]

Thanks for the tip, Ernie!

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Jonathan Harper

Oh hell. But when will we get the 190 E 2.5 Evo on Forza?!?!