By Jen Dunnaway


Help me out here: I realize the whole Iron Cross thing is kind of trendy right now, thanks in part to the various chopper shows, but to be so committed to WWI-era German military imagery as to build a whole car replete with proto-fascist trappings—is that sketchy at all? And doesn't a giant silver helmet tend to ruin the look of some cars? Sure, it's got a great straight-8 with a row of six Stromberg carbs, and—hell, yeah—any excuse to mount a machine gun on your ride is generally commendable. The cops sure seemed to be into it, and I guess it's cool in a grotesque sort of way, and obviously meant to be tongue-in-cheek as well as (update) a full-sized replica of the quot;Red Baronquot; dragster model kit that Tom Daniel created for Monogram in 1968 (thanks, Adam). But the spectacle kind of reminded me of that kid who built the 1/2-scale Panzer tank—all I remember thinking is, thank God he did that instead of shooting up a school. See the full freakshow after the jump!