Spyker's New Ferrari-Powered SUV

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Spyker wants to reinvent the supercar, combining the fragile performance of a Ferrari with the go-anywhere ability of a Land Rover Defender. This Spyker Super Sports Utility Vehicle will be powered by the former and perform like the latter.

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Previously spied as this wide-body Landie, and previously called the Spyker Peking to Paris, the SSUV was recently revealed to investors in a corporate presentation. The images from that presentation — you can see one at the top of this post — show tall, heavy exotic. It might have a modicum of off-road ability, but more likely just a tall driving position and interior space, not things supercars typically have.


Spyker is also rumored to be moving away from VW/Audi engines and in the direction of a supercharged Ferrari V-8. The company has previously dragged a similar concept known as the D12 around the auto-show circuit, and the SSUV is said to be longer and lower than that vehicle. The name is also changing: Since the "D" referred to VAG engines and the "12" to the Audi W12, the SSUV will get a new moniker. We have no idea how VAG and "D" went together, so for all we know the Ferrari-powered truck could be designated be "L" or something.


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bugattatra - parallel double-park that muthafucka sideways

Ferrari engines are perfectly suitable to power an SUV, what with all that low-end torque and tractability.