Woman Gives Birth While Driving Chevy Cobalt

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A Minnesota woman gave birth to a baby boy while literally driving herself to the hospital. The father, who can't drive due to seizures, took the wheel so she could pull down her pants after her water broke.


Amanda McBride, the mother, was working the late shift at the local factory when she began to suffer contractions. Realizing what was happening - the 29-year old has had two other children - she dashed out to her car and drove to pick up her boyfriend. Her water broke halfway between their home and the hospital. The father suggested they should call 911 and wait for an ambulance, but Amanda figured they could drive to the hospital in less time than it would take for an ambulance to reach them. After the baby popped out, the father continued to steer as Amanda cranked her 2005 Chevy Cobalt's heater to keep the newborn warm. The baby boy, Joseph, survived the experience in good health. [The Bemidji Pioneer]



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