VIDEO: Bugatti Veyron Illegally Street Races Two GT-Rs

Let's say you're a Russian billionaire with a Bugatti Veyron. Why wouldn't you spend evenings filming illegal street racing against 730HP Switzer P800 Nissan GT-Rs? You've got enough Rubles to persuade the cops to look the other way.


(Hat tip to Jealousy!)[ via Youtube (which has put the video behind some age-verification nanny wall for being too well made, or something)]


Fast car fast = meh. Sure, a Russian mobster with money oozing from his pores can get a fast ride. Not impressed.

A couple mill on the barrelhead buys you a Veyron. Okay, fine. You tweaked the stock market in your day trading hobby long enough to afford something nice.

Now show me a backyard mechanic working over a couple of years who's bolted together a big block 460 in his Torino GT with blowers, big sticky meats and a few other tricks. Will it go as quick around corners, not a chance - but nobody expects anything from it, either.

Don't get me wrong. The Veyron is an awesome automobile and worthy of praise. Same with the GT-R. But they reflect nothing on the owner or driver, except to say, there's a guy with a nice car. I might envy him, a little.

The mechanic wins my respect. The other guys won't get that, not just for driving around.