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Marrying Falcon Pinup Girl, On Vacation, Back Later

Illustration for article titled Marrying Falcon Pinup Girl, On Vacation, Back Later

Why did I leave the Island That Rust Forgot for Denver last weekend? Cherchez la femme!


Back in the 80s, while I was wearing tattered Motörhead T-shirts and driving a '69 Corona, my bride-to-be was posing on the hood of her Falcon in a purple jumpsuit, no doubt while listening to the Violent Femmes on cassette. Obviously, this match was meant to be! The wedding is tonight, which means I'll be taking my first vacation from Jalopnik since my very first post, back in January of '07.


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Murilee, I congratulate you. Now I'm going to give this Irish blessing a try:

"May this be the saddest day of your future together be no worse than the happiest of your past."

All raise a glass to Mr. and Mrs. Martin!!