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4chan's Car Buying Advice Is Actually Pretty Good

Illustration for article titled 4chans Car Buying Advice Is Actually Pretty Good

We expect 4chan to be a good place to meet bronies and possible sexual deviants, but not a place to get reasonable car-buying recommendations. It turns out their advice is actually not terrible.


We found this list on Reddit where everyone proceeded to weep about their drift Nissan and point out that the Jalopnik list would be nothing but Miatas.

Probably true.

We did update the list but went sensible instead, filling in the Elantra over the Civic, because we don't recommend the 2012 Civic to anyone. Maybe the 2013 Civic will be better. Also, they don't build the Cobalt anymore.


The same place that brought us b/tards gave out sensible car advice. Given how every other car forum gives the exact same advice, always, we're genuinely surprised.

How would you fill out this list?

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For Sweden

>I want to get groceries

CTS-V Wagon

>drive to work

CTS-V Wagon

>drive to school

CTS-V Wagon

>drive in snow


>have more room than a civic

CTS-V Wagon

>i want to drift

CTS-V Wagon

>i need a truck


>i need a car under $1.5k

Toyota Previa / Baja Bug

>i want to buy a new car

CTS-V Wagon, but act fast

>daddy is buying me a car

CTS-V Wagon, but tell him to act fast

>i need an automatic

Bus Pass

>i need a tiny shitbox to fit in parking easy

Move out of New York and into the real world

>i need more room for transporting decapitated prostitutes than offered by a miata

CTS-V Wagon

>miata is ugly


>i am a girl

Congratulations. CTS-V Wagon