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This is One Manly Porsche Driver

Illustration for article titled This is One Manly Porsche Driver

Rally driver, Road & Track photographer, and Porsche freak extraordinaire Jeff Zwart drove a 911 GT3 Cup road-race car up Pikes Peak last month. Is oppo-filled, high-res Porsche dirt video proof that Zwart is The Man? Yes, yes it is.


The first three-quarters of the video is pavement, and thus not very dramatic. The last quarter is dirt. Arm-over-arm opposite lock. The howly whine of the gearbox. Zwart being all manly and Zwart-like. (In person, he's a cool, relaxed, down-to-earth sort of guy, the kind of dude that you immediately want to buy a beer and make tell you stories. I like Jeff Zwart a lot, and I've only met him once. But I digress.)

Gah! Porsche dirt!


Pikes Peak 2010 - Jeff Zwart In Car from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

[via CarDomain]

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Jonathan Harper

Love this video.