The Concordepage: So Close To Magnificent

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Think back over the last decade and consider the best and worse cars to camino-ize. Right near the bottom would be the gen-II Chrysler Concorde. One company thought otherwise and poured countless hours into building the Concordepage.


It's like a big yellow brick of butter left out in the sun to melt, the Concordepage. This is the kind of creation we have to respect, even if we find its details unfortunate. It first popped up several years ago, the work of coachbuilder DiMora Designs. A lot of solid craftsmanship was put into this thing — the lines are clean, the fit and finish is stellar and the proportions are surprisingly nice. That rear end is actually not an open-air bed, but a huge weather-sealed trunk complete with linear actuators to open it. It's just that the car is, well, a Concorde, and one wearing Buick portholes, nevermind they're nowhere near the engine compartment.
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And why the name Coronado? The Coronado was never an camino, it wasn't really even a business coupe, which is what they were actually shooting for. If anything it's a Saratoga Coupe — the little-known Chrysler business coupe from the early forties. It feels like with a little refinement, the Concordepage could be one of the most poorly-advised but triumphant caminoizations ever pulled off, but it's just a little off. [Cardomain via Carscoop]



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