TranStar Dagger GT: Birth Of The 2000 HP Hypercar

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American company TranStar is planning to build the TranStar Dagger GT: a supercar fitted with a 2000-hp, twin-tubocharged 9.0-liter GM V8. They're setting out to break the 300 mph production car barrier with an insane hypercar.


The specs read like something a middle-schooler bitten by the car lust bug might come up with: twin-turbocharged GM 572 built by Nelson Racing Engines good for 2000 hp and 2000 ft-lbs of torque, a 3,000 lb curb weight and all carbon fiber construction, custom body plugs to bolt on for high-speed runs, and optional braking parachute.

Here are the hard-to-swallow performance targets: 1.5 second 0-to-60 mph run, 6.6 seconds to 204 mph, a 314 mph top speed. It'll consume four gallons of fuel per minute at top speed. It's a hypercar hoping to produce numbers beyond the reach of even the bonkers Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

Right now, it's an awful lot of calculated this and projected that, but based on the roster of folks they've got lined up for the project makes it look like there's some reality behind the bluster. The 2011 target delivery date is pretty aggressive, but so is a 2000-hp speed bullet. (Hat tip to Roland!)

[TranStar Dagger GT site via CarBodyDesign]



Equal parts Carrera GT, Ferrari 458 Italia, koenigsegg and wet dream.