Which New Car Most Needs a Brougham Edition?

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We've been saddened by the decline in Brougham Editions since the high-water mark set by the Olds Eighty-Eight Royale Brougham in the late 1980s. Bring back the Brougham!

Which currently manufactured car (or truck) should be offered with a Brougham option package? I think the Kia Soul yearns for some flamboyant, bejeweled Brougham emblems; if Kia can find a supplier to produce Arizona Retirement Community Grade™ Naugahyde upholstery for the Soul Brougham, so much the better!

What do you think? Volt Brougham? Iran Khodro Paykan Brougham? Perhaps Toyota needs to liven things up with a Camry Brougham Landau?


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Dealkiller the Very Tired

Gentleman, I now present to you the Toyota Avalon Royal Brougham, with the upgraded padded top, white walls & chrome trim package. The bell has been rung, and the winner is clear for all to see.

Thank you, that is all. Good night.