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Which GM Car Was Least Able To Compete With the Japanese Big Three?

Illustration for article titled Which GM Car Was Least Able To Compete With the Japanese Big Three?

Sometime in the mid-1970s, all those funny little Japanese cars rolling onto to the docks in American port cities stopped being funny, or even all that little. The General tried to beat them, but didn't always succeed.


So the question here is: of all the new cars GM introduced during the period in which the outcome of the battle was really in doubt— let's say 1973 to 1990— which one was least able to compete with the likes of the Corolla, Accord, and Q45? This includes badge-engineered Suzukis, Opels, Isuzus, and the like, in addition to Detroit-grown machinery. My vote goes to the GM X Body cars: the 1980-85 Chevrolet Citation, Buick Skylark, Oldsmobile Omega, and Pontiac Phoenix; the hugely publicized recalls and rapid deterioration of these cars nuked decades' worth of GM's hard-won reputation for building reliable vehicles, and the vast cost of the platform's development condemned The General to 20 years of mediocre X-body descendants. What do you say?

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turd ferguson

The N-Body 92-97 Skylark. Horrific styling combined with woefully out of date engines—how nice!

I'm sure we all know how ugly the outside of this car was, but in case you've forgotten (or never knew) how hideous the interior was, here's a reminder. My morning shit contains stronger "design language" than this atrocity.