Hey Look, It’s The 2012 BMW 6-Series... Concept

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This is the 2012 BMW 6-Series, but since it's wearing funky wheels, they're calling it a "concept car." Who cares, what it previews is the production realization of BMW's new styling language, known to cynical journalists as "less ugly."


Now, you'll notice that even in French, "less ugly" doesn't precisely translate to "finally, BMW's making good-looking cars again." While Chris Bangle is out and Adrian Van Hooydonk is in, that just means we're transitioning from pregnant cats to baby whales as the anthropomorphic design language of choice.

BMW's not releasing any mechanical details of the 2010 6-Series since, you know, this is just a concept, but we can see that the proportions are very similar to the outgoing model, hoffmeister kink and all.

Le Ray was too busy buttering his baguette to grab live shots of the interior, so here's a gallery of press photos.

It's good to have you back, fine ass and all, Wes - Ed. Note


Ash78, voting early and often

Baby whales, I like that. Something was making me think "Add some front curb feelers and you'd have a catfish"

Weird thing is that it's lacking in "meanness" or ueberholprestige when compared to even a basic 3-series. I bet that changes before production.