What Are The Worst Wheels Of All Time?

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Wheels are the quickest and most dramatic swap a car owner can make. A sporty wheel says you're ready to race, while 25" chrome three-spokes say you're ready to be shot at. What are the worst wheels of all time?


Yes. We went there. Ronal Teddy Bears. Ostensibly five-spoke wheels, the Ronal Teddys represent the ultimate in disregard for personal appearance. The automotive equivalent of a scarlet A, sporting these wheels doesn't say you're a tramp, it says you're a moron. They say you've got money to waste, and not a sliver of taste with which to waste it. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, others with a plastic spork. This wheel is for the spork crowd.

Now that the Ronals are out of the way, its you're chance to pipe in with the worst wheels stock, aftermarket, or homemade.


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Saab Wheels. Some people really like them. Im pretty sure their just awful.