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Top Gear Confirms American Stig, Suzuki SX4 As Small Car For Big Stars

Illustration for article titled Top Gear Confirms American Stig, Suzuki SX4 As Small Car For Big Stars

Confirming our reports, there is an American Stig on the U.S. version of Top Gear. The producers also revealed the Suzuki SX4 Sportback is the small car for big stars and the "big stars" include Tim Allen and Kid Rock.


The American Top Gear on History is currently taping and severely leaking information. We knew there was going to be a Stig and had some idea of who was going to appear as the Big Stars In A Little Car (the Americanized Star In A Reasonably-Priced Car).


Now we know for sure the interviewees for the first season will be: Buzz Aldrin, Tim Allen, Ty Burrell, Tony Hawk, Bret Michaels, Dominic Monaghan, Kid Rock, and Michelle Rodriguez. And the car, as seen in this photo, is actually the the Suzuki SX4, and not the Kia Rio, which the producers say was in the running but not preferred over the zippy SX4 Sportback.

Who will be the fastest around the track in the SX4? Tim Allen is a longtime car guy and Michelle Rodriguez scares us, so we're giving them the top lap times. How do you rank these Big Stars?

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Jonathan Harper

Very interesting. I'm getting more into Top Gear USA now that I remember the stars in reasonably priced cars.