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In the era after America stretched its infrastructure out with horizon-less paths of smooth concrete, but before it had to deal with the consequences of doing so, we filled the space with glorious rolling steel. What's your favorite land yacht?


There's little doubt in my mind that one day I might own a Bill Blass Edition Lincoln Mark V. How is it possible to build a car that's three-thousand feet long with only two doors? It's one of the least fuel efficient cars in history, available with a "small" 6.6-liter V8 or the larger 7.5-liter FBB. Truly a land yacht, the Bill Blass edition was blue-on-white with a Landau vinyl roof, chamois leather interior, opera windows, and a Cartier clock right in the middle. Classy, yachty, perfect.

Strap on your boating shoes and look for some cheap gas, we're going Land Yachting!


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