Yet Another Sign of the Lexus LFA's Awesomeness

Illustration for article titled Yet Another Sign of the Lexus LFAs Awesomeness

Have you ever noticed this angle on the LFA? Its ferocious price may preclude the car from ever becoming the Honda NSX’s reincarnation, but it sure is the Japanese supercar at its current, devastating best. Photo Credit: Máté Petrány

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They lost any credibility when they ran that stupid ad with the LFA pumping noise into a microphone, and the speaker "playing it back" shattered the glass. And that's supposed to mean precision. All it really means is they have a good mixer and amp between the mic and the speaker. Hell, given the right gear I could have my cat fart into a microphone and shatter an LFA's windshield. So what?

Plus, it doesn't have enough torque.