What's Your Favorite Non-European/American/Japanese Sports Car?

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The majority of sports cars we opine about on a daily basis are from American, European, or Japanese automakers. It's time we open up Jalopnik to the world's other car builders. What's your favorite non-European/American/Japanese sports car?


Most people don't realize there's a Korean automaker besides Hyundai/Kia and those people are missing out on the attractive, delicate Spirra S. With Lotus turning into an English Ferrari we may have to look to the Koreans for small, mid-engined sports cars. Powered by a supercharged 2.7-liter V6 borrowed from Hyundai, the 400 hp is enough to blast the car to 60 mph in about 4.6 seconds. A turbo version of the 2,376-lb car also might exist at some point, putting out nearly 600 hp. Hyundai should just buy them and start importing them here.


Viva Korea! Viva Australia! Viva Mexico! Viva the world we usually ignore.

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Deadpool - Do I still think in those little yellow boxes?

This is a map. This map portrays Europe. I know it is a complex concept, but there are more than three countries making up the European continent. Before posting your vehicular choice, please confirm that the country your vehicle is from is not on this map.


An American who knows a little bit about geography.