America's Next Top Car Blogger: And Your New Weekend Editor Is...

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After a week of suspense (sorry that SEMA got in the way of the announcement post), it's time to declare the winner of our month-long contest to find America's Next Top Car Blogger. And your new weekend editor is...

Tom Joslin!

Tom started his winning run with his first post on the ten other scariest cars of all time, then moved on from the semi-finals to the finals with his excellent story on the Last International Harvester Dealership.


In the finals, Tom beat the also-excellent Vinny Minchillo by sharing his very Jalopnik story of a search for the donor car that gave his '57 Belvedere life. Tom also showed us his depth and breadth with other stories on such varied topics as automaker logos and the Camaroghini. Tom even stayed on top of the news, covering the twin turbo Lamborghini crash that rocked the custom car world two weeks ago.

So, without further ado — I'm turning it over to Tom, our winner of a six month, $10,000 contract for weekend editing (provided he doesn't screw up anyway!).


Thank you to everyone who entered — it's been a lot of fun for us here at Jalopnik and I hope it was just as fun for y'all as well!

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Vinny Minchillo

Congratulations, Tom.

Well played, sir.