First U.S. Fiat Commercial: Yeah, We Got B-Roll

The first U.S. Fiat dealership opened last week, meaning it's time for Fiat to explain to America why they're no longer the "Fix It Again Tony" brand. Sadly, their first commercial is just senseless b-roll of happy active people.

Here's a summary: Running on the beach. Inside a motorcycle. Bands. Someone doing the wave. Happy black people. People drinking. Ballerinas. Asian food. Fiat 500. Yoga. Fiat 500. People holding hands. Smelling flowers. Someone doing a handstand. Kids on bikes. More happy black people. Babies. Fiat 500. Old grandmas being assaulted by toddlers.


I think I know where they got the inspiration for this commercial...

Yeah, so, the video was pulled temporarily. We have another one now.

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Nothing beats 80s b-roll. Now who can name the famous Hollywood director of this great commercial?