Tunisians Use Forklift To Steal Deposed Leader's Ferrari

Amazing video from Tunisia shows ousted Tunisian president Ben Ali's Ferrari being taken away from his compound using a giant forklift. They couldn't find the keys?


Angry residents of Tunisia have been sacking the former president's villas and other properties, screaming "this is our money." It's been a mixture of looting and destruction so far, but we have to give credit to the guy with the forklift who is trying to save this Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

No word on what happened to it next. (Hat tip to m2m)

[EuroNews via Autogespot]



Hello and many greetings, fine sir. My name is Ahmed Bouha Azizi and I am Top Official of the Ministry of Fancy Government Automotive Vehiculars for the Great Nation of Tunisian Republic. I am to be begging you for assistance in a matter of utterly most importance and confidentialousness to my most loved country, in exchange for a Ferrari of much significant valuation...