A concept car for the beach-going gadget freak

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Swiss tuning shop and concept-car emporium Rinspeed cranks out something weird for the Geneva Motor Show every year. It must have been an off year because it rehashed the BamBoo concept from last year, but this time with some extra, "hi, guys!"

Rinspeed boss and design guru Frank M. Rinderknecht (you know him from this and this) is looking to reclaim the "lightness and lightheartedness of southern latitudes." And he's got some kind of cinematic fixation with the 1970s, the south of France, and of St. Tropez — as do we all. This line from the release says it all — forget that it's all electric and made from lightweight, high-tech plastics (the main bits), of course — "one would expect to find Brigitte Bardot behind the wheel with playboy Gunther Sachs at her side heading towards Tahiti beach."


Only, imagine that Brigitte and Gunther had their iPads and Blackberrys plugged in, while they were out getting their Bain de Soleil tans.

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Did someone say Gunther?