BMW dealer offers $65,000 for indentured blogging servant

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A Canadian BMW dealer has launched a contest for an in-house blogger, with the winner getting a free condo in downtown Toronto for a year, a new Bimmer to drive and international travel, along with a $65,000 salary. The downside? Finding 12 months worth of nice things to say about the X6.


Curiously similar to a certain other contest for bloggers, wannabees must first furnish 200 words on why they bleed Bavarian blue. After a public poll, the top 20 have two days to produce a video on "performance." The top 10 then get a traditional job interview. Among the necessary qualifications? "Possesses an in-depth knowledge of BMW product and is willing to spend all day and night writing about it." Also, "prefers to 'like' something on Facebook rather than in person," which despite the free condo and BMW is probably how the lucky winner will interact with members of the opposite sex for 12 months.

The contest was clearly aimed at Canadians, because the marketing pitch needs a little tailoring for American tastes: It's $65,000 for non-stop BMW blogging...and free health care. Roundels of glory be praised! Make your run for the border here.


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This is like asking me to kill

Kittens for 50K dollars. I sure could use 50 Grand, but I sure can't kill Kittens.