DUI suspect blames oral sex for erratic driving

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A DUI suspect, who police say nearly drove off the road while weaving in and out of traffic, claims his erratic driving was caused by the oral sex he was receiving from his girlfriend. You go, Louisville!


A mug shot shows a very satisfied-looking Jason Kircher, 31, after his arrest on a DUI charge, after police say Kircher failed several field sobriety tests, ahem, blowing 0.054 percent, which is below Kentucky's legal limit of 0.08 percent blood-alcohol level. Arrest records indicate a police officer with a radar gun observed the man's vehicle speeding and driving erratically.

According to arrest records, the officer pulled the vehicle over and asked 31-year-old Jason Kircher why he was driving that way. Police said Kircher told them he was receiving oral sex from his passenger. According to arrest records, the officer smelled alcohol on Kircher's breath and saw an open container of alcohol in the car's console. Kircher told police he had two beers at a club, according to arrest records.


Kircher was also charged with careless driving and speeding. What, no charge for "following too close?"

(Hat tip to Jay!)

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