You wish your mechanic was this hot

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When we wrote up Bill Caswell's exploits as the $500 Craigslist rally driver we never expected it to be one of the year's biggest stories. Bill's still got the E30, but he's since upgraded his shop crew.


Have we created a monster? Since first appearing on these pages he's been to Baja, on ESPN and in Forza. He's everywhere.


And while we don't begrudge him hiring a crew to help get his car ready for this year's Rally Mexico (your average phone conversation with Bill involves him, standing in his mom's garage, swearing about welding problems. He can use the help.), we don't think this bodes well for his current relationship.

"Yeah, she hasn't seen the new crew yet," Caswell told us from Mexico. "Wedding is kind of on hold anyway till I get my act together and get a job and stop racing."

May that day never come. Follow Bill's progress here and check out the full set from above here.


Photos by: Jeremy Cliff, courtesy of Caswell Motorsports

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