The BMW M3 Pickup is not for real

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Holy Ride of the Valkyries, what's this? Caught this week testing at the Nürburgring with all the other BMW M-Class models was this El Camino "Die Straße" coupe, with a truck bed. UPDATE: Sorry, folks. Not happening...

First, the conspiracy theories: Yes, it's an actual BMW, driven by BMW drivers and wearing the same camo tape other BMW development models sport. And yes, it looks like a real bed, and not some secret test compartment for capturing roadside cow farts to fracture into hydrogen and rainbows.

Given the European embrace of developing markets and "ute"-class trucks like the VW Amarok, maybe BMW just doesn't want to be left behind. Or maybe it's just the next-gen BMW M3 convertible and they're all just having a laugh at us.


Still. STILL. When we find out more, we'll share it.

UPDATE: And...product planner-to-the-car-stars Jim Hall tells us it's a one-off parts hauler for ZTechnik or another BMW motorcycle accessory builder that's used just around the compound. As for camouflage, Hall said: ""Camouflage means nothing. BMW puts camouflage on anything and everything. Look at that BMW Vision Connected concept. That has camouflage and they're obviously not building that."

Do you want to hear the sound of a German plumber's heart who was looking forward to geschäft up front and gefeiert out back?

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Matt Brown

I'll bet money its a side project of some BMW engineers and they decided to take it out to the ring with the rest of the BMW test cars to have some fun and mess around with the blogosphere.