Corvette disses BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche in new ad

Corvette sponsored the Sunday replay of the 12 Hours of Sebring and used the platform as an opportunity to take a swipe at the competition in a new ad that mentions the new Corvette had to drop power in order to compete.


Most fans of the American Le Mans series know nearly all the cars are restricted in one way or another, that this has more to do with an engine change than fairness, and that a BMW defeated the Corvette in the end. But most fans of ALMS were huddled around an XBOX or laptop Saturday watching it all happen, not waiting until Sunday to catch the edited replay so these nuances were probably lost in the fog of Tim Allen's baritone.

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I was at the race (second annual pilgrimage me and a friend make every year from Philly) and Corvette by far has the best sounding cars, you feel the backfire when they change gears in your chest. They definitly have a big fan base here in the US, and I used to be a fan but they kind of seem to have a attitude as of late, as an example: no matter how much I begged they wouldn't give me a piece of the car as a souvenir (old tire, used rotor, I didn't expect much), in fact they were total dicks about it (like I was asking them to give me a kidney). On the other hand teams like BMW who gave my roommate a fender, and Flying Lizard who gave me a used rotor, and took the time to talk to us about the cars made me root for those teams more. On a semi-unrelated not it was total BS that there is no way to watch the race live at the track... the wifi is too slow, and the local station just broadcasted audio, there were a lot of angry fans like me that lugged a TV and generator down only to have no way of watching the race, this isn't nascar, you can only watch parts of the race, like a single corner.