The awesome-sexy-hilarious Nissan ad that Ford's suing over

The geniuses at Nissan Brazil's ad department dreamed up this ad for the Tiida (aka Versa) showing Ford engineers rapping with bikini-clad models about how much cheddar they make off the overpriced Focus. Ford's response? A lawsuit.


Nevermind that this may be the most eye-catching ad for the Focus ever; it's the rump-shaking rap lyrics that has Ford execs spitting out their caipirinhas, according to Reuters:

"All the luxury that I got, I got it with your money," the rappers boast, showing off their gold rings and chains. "Don't weep because you're paying extra money — your money was well spent, look what I do with it."


When the ad first appeared in February, Ford got a court order to take it off the air. It's now filed a suit against Nissan in Brazil, accusing the company of unfair competition and "improper brand use." Apparently slapping around the competition with hilarious ads isn't something Brazilian automakers have done in the past. Based on what lengths impoverished Brazilians will go to own a car, maybe Nissan has a point.

H/T to Ben!

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All I can think is how many more times attractive those women are than the ones that'd have used in an American ad. I'll just keep sitting down here at my desk for a while, I think.