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Is General Motors working on a self-driving vehicle?

Illustration for article titled Is General Motors working on a self-driving vehicle?

We've heard a credible rumor that General Motors is partnering up with auto supplier TRW to work on autonomous vehicles.


We've got no second source on it, but the source we do have is very reliable and it would actually make sense given TRW works with GM on the automaker's stability control system for their vehicles.

Heck, maybe they could shove the Robonaut, R2, behind the wheel once he's done up at the International Space Station — because that's the only thing that'd make the idea of self-driving vehicles any more creepy to us.


Between Google, DARPA and now, if this is true, General Motors, it's like they're all independently creating their own version of SkyNet. I just hope we humans don't get caught in the middle of it.

Anyone care to be our second source? Have some other rumor for us? Send an email to our tips line.

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Yes they are working on this. I have video proof. (jump to 6:40)