600-hp Corvette-powered Toyota Prius on Craigslist

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Some concepts are so wrong they traverse the globe like Phileas Fogg and come around on the other side suddenly in the right. A Toyota Prius with an upgraded 600-hp LS7 V8 wedged in the nose? So bad it's good again. UPDATE:

This Craigslist posting seems entirely implausible. Ignoring the physics of dumping a 7.0-liter V8 — more commonly found in a Corvette Z06 — into something as small as a Prius without any exterior adjustments, the car's being sold running for only $35,000. Seems like too good of a deal, especially when you look at the upgrades:

LS7 7.0L V8
Dry sump conversion with custom oil tank
Superior Friction clutch and matching flywheel
Oil Cooler
Custom Mounting Kit
Hinson Radiator with FAL Fan
Tsunami Fuel pump
Upgraded FPR and braided steel lines AN-6
Long Tube Headers
Quiet Free Flowing Exhaust with Header Dump
Upgraded Computer
Aluminum Driveshaft
Rear Torque Arm
Custom Intake


And that's just the drivetrain, not to mention the body kit, wheels, interior work, et cetera. The posting says the very un-green Prius can do 603 hp, with 900 possible thanks to nitrous lines that aren't yet hooked up. The seller also claims he raised the price after so many offers on his original, we're assuming lower, offer.

Scam? Legit? Let's just say I wouldn't bring the money in cash.

UPDATE: Hate to be right about this one, but a sharp commenter's found the source of the photos, which means it's almost certainly a scam. Also, the posting has been pulled.

(Hat tip to IancoleTX!)


Rob Emslie

I fell for one of these V8 Prius Craigslist scams once, and I never will again. I need that other kidney.