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Kawasaki's team in the World Sportbike Championships came home to England following a race in Holland with some surprising Dutch treats — namely a few hundred pounds of illicit drugs. British authorities now wonder: Because race trucks?


British customs agents searching the transporter of Paul Bird Motorsports in Dover found 18 lbs. of cocaine, 157 lbs. of amphetamine tablets and more than 220 lbs of marijuana, as well as a handgun and 35 rounds of ammunition. Four members of the support team were arrested and released on bail.

Earlier this week, Paul Bird Motorsports said in a statement that "no team member has any connection whatsoever with the items discovered," and that it was cooperating with British authorities — who have since vowed to give more scrutiny to race transporters coming back to the country, including Formula One. Those guys do know a lot about getting around rules.

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