Adam Carolla's "The Car Show" features worst damn set

Many questions abound about how "The Car Show with Adam Carolla" will differentiate itself from "Top Gear USA" since both shows are about car guys hanging out and driving cars. This first trailer shows the first big difference: a really crappy set.

It may seem like a minor complaint, but one of the reasons to look forward to this program is to see what Adam Carolla can do to break SPEED out of its funk of mostly indistinguishable Nascar-themed talk shows. Sadly, the producers have stuck all four hosts on a set behind yet another boring desk.


Seriously, fellas. A lot of people we like are working on this show and we'd like to think the folks at SPEED would be able to put out enough money behind it to make it right, but how's it going to look when you go from Dan Neil racing a Mercedes SLS to him sitting behind a desk that looks like it was borrowed from an early '90s cable access fishing show?

You couldn't, say, get any one of the sets from "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" in any one of its variations? Maybe you can trade John Salley for one of the couches, or are you afraid they still smell like Tom Arnold?

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Matt Brown

And the Jalopnik logo looks like it was made by a 14 year old with a pirated copy of photoshop. So maybe you two could go halfway on a design firm and get both of those sophomoric efforts upgraded to something semi-professional.