The BBC's Top Gear didn't become a worldwide TV institution by appealing only to extreme gearheads and fans of prog-rock power trios. Let's say you want your girlfriend or roommate to watch, but only get one chance to hook them. What's the best episode for getting someone hooked on Top Gear?

In this case, we're going with Clarkson, Hammond and May's visit to the US. It has typically great cinematography, and like other great comedic works it's a masterpiece of parody. For Americans, it reinforces our stereotypes of Brits; for Brits it reinforces their stereotypes of us ("If Hammond drives into May's car, Bruce Willis will come in a State Department gunship and we shall all be killed!") It's hard to find another episode that manages to stoke our inherent mutual antipathies in such a way that amuses both parties equally without hurting anyone's feelings. Also, it's badass.

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