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What's the fastest highway in the world?

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The first freeway drivers must have felt invincible, unencumbered by stoplights, with miles of clear roadway at their disposal. Now, speed limits and traffic volume's spoiled the fun. But it hasn't stopped everyone. What's the fastest highway in the world?


Sure, the most obvious answer involves a series of highways (that start with an A, I believe) in one particular European country. But we're going with a non-standard choice, and picking India's Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It's not remarkably long — just 55 miles connecting the country's financial capital with its tech capital — but it's practically new, with fresh pavement and few sharp bends. Plus, it's a toll road, so many of the locals keep to the old, free route. One caveat, however. An upswing in deaths on the roadway in recent years has led to public outcry and subsequent police crackdowns. (Photo: Rohit Patwardhan)

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Matt Brown

The 405 in Los Angeles. 9 hours out of the day it is gridlocked, so we all make up for it at 2am when it is relatively empty. I know at least half a dozen people who have hit 150 MPH somewhere along the interstate. Even OJ used it, though he was going rather slow...