Gymkhana 4: Ken Block drifts around gorilla on a Segway

Last year's Gymkhana 3 freestyle drifting antics were watched by 35 million kiddies on YouTube. Today he tries to top that last performance by tearing up the Universal Studios Backlot. It's got Block crashing through a building, a gorilla on a Segway, Epic Meal Time, construction equipment, explosions, Sasquatch, and merchandising. Behold the Hollywood megamercial!

If this is your first Gymkhana you may want to work your way through Gymkhana 1, Gymkhana 2, and Gymkhana 2.1 and Gymkhana 3. If you don't have time to wade through all that just know that it's the art of challenging physics in a car through a series of exercises designed to entertain and impress. And all while fulfilling the precepts of Mel Brooks: "Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising!" Remember, it's where the real money behind the movie is made!


Think of it as car ballet with mad burnouts, insane drifts, and explosions.

Those who considered Gymkhana 3 an attempt by Block to up the ante on previous iterations will have to view the latest installment as a completely Indecent Proposal. This is the the Robert Redford sleeping with your wife of viral videos, mostly because it was filmed on the Universal Studio lot.

Recognize any of those sets? Block takes his 600-hp Ford Fiesta through War of the Worlds, Jaws, and Back To The Future with homages to Zombieland and even Slumdog Millionaire.

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Jonathan Harper

Looks like a Samsquamch to me, boys.