The Subaru BRZ is still invisible

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You can tell how far a concept car is from production by the ratio of glass to its total surface area. Concept cars tend to be airy bubbles of glass which, when faced with the harsh reality of crash standards and production costs, quickly gain the gun slits that modern cars have for windows. By that metric, Subaru’s BRZ—the artist formerly known as the Subieyota—is quite a way from becoming what it hints to one day become: a new SVX.

It’s nothing more at the moment than a lovely Subaru drivetrain in a glass shell. Did you know that Subaru have been making boxer engines since 1966? I didn’t. The BRZ will of course have the latest one.


What it will also have is a very, very low center of gravity, helped by that boxer and, presumably, a yet to be invented technology to make the car’s body from a weightless force field. We’ll see. It’s certainly very low. I wouldn’t want to exaggerate, but almost Miura-low.

It will be the ultimate sleeper if it ever makes it into production with more than a modicum of that glass shell.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but subaru already showed us the "technology concept" months ago.