What's the most polarizing new car?

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For every car we all mostly agree is fantastic (Corvette ZR1) or universally loathe (Murano CrossCabriolet) there's a car no one seems to be able to come to consensus on. Of all the vehicles made, globally, what's the most polarizing new car?


The Nissan Juke seems like an easy answer to this question. Aesthetically, it's either a bold reexamination of forms not seen since the urSaab or a buggy crime against humanity. Performance wise it's either a cheap and fun alternative to the expensive Mini Countryman or it's a really expensive Versa. Count us in the former camp on both points, but not everyone agrees.

Let's get angry! What's the most polarizing new car?

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Jaaag Hartley

"Its a Girl's car!"

"No its a driver's car!"