Bikers overwhelm local cops with highway stunt show

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Hundreds of Missouri motorcycle stunt riders took to the freeways of St. Louis late last week for an event they called the "Ride of the Century." For at least one member, the event produced the photo of the century. UPDATED


Organized by Kansas City-based Blox Starz, the group frequently stages stunt rides in various Midwestern cities and at paid events. As far as Missouri state law cares, popping a wheelie while putting your legs through the handlebars could get you cited for "careless and imprudent driving," but the Blox Stars say they're not speeding and in control of their bikes — outside of the occasional crash.

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These particular shots from the group's Facebook gallery became an instant favorite; while some riders were pulled over, many were not, simply because there aren't enough officers to stop a few hundred bikers. The ballsiest stunt? Probably the rider who defied every distracted driving ad by posting to Facebook while standing on his bike facing the wrong way.

UPDATE: We wheel-stand corrected — the ride was put together by Streetfighters, a St. Louis area group, and the estimate of bikes that took part runs to 1,500.

Photos: Derek W. Burns via Facebook

Hat tip to Paul!

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5,370,000. That's how many motorcycles are regularly in use on the roadsd according to the USDOT in 2003. So, a couple hundred of them get together and do stupid stuff on the road. Actually I'm betting not all of them did anything other than go along for the ride.

The same thing comes up again and again when ever there is a story of a motorcyclist or group of them do something dumb, and worst of all, some motorcyclists even by into it. "Well, that's why people think all motorcyclists are *sshats." No, people think that because they are small minded idiots. If you can't put together that a very, very, very small percentage of a group doing something bad doesn't equal the entirety of a group being bad, then your a fool, pure and simple.

Also, this notion of, well I'd "bump into them" to teach them a lesson is really special. Really, go ahead and try it genius, when I'm riding I've probably already avoided several attempts from people that can't bother to pay attention when they drive. I assume everyone around me is likely to try and make contact with me inadvertantly or not, I know who wins in a collusion and it won't be me. For Christs sake, if you are already in a car, what are you so afraid is going to happen to your precious cargo?

I'm not saying these guys are awesome and shouldn't be arrested but then so to should every car that doesn't signal and merges forcing me to the shoulder, or tries to go for that left in the intersection while I'm coming through. After all, isn't being inattentive behind the wheel just as if not way more dangerous than a group of people intentionally doing something (dumb or not)?

We have speed limits for safety, yet I would wager that more than most on this site have decided, you know what, I'm driving a car that was designed to be safe well above that number, so let's go ahead and let it breathe a bit.

Fundamentally, right or wrong, for a site that promotes hooning with a near religious zeal, it sure seems like there is a heavy stench of my little pony lovin' going on.

I'm not attempting to defend that group of riders but I am trying to defend the notion that we shouldn't be such sanctimonious whiners because someone is having a bit of fun that ultimately caused no harm.