Haterz got this drifting CR-Z wrong

Haters gonna hate, but we salute this intrepid Honda hybrid hoon.

Laugh all you want at the chintzy video and the softcore lift-off oversteer. And you can probably also laugh at the pseudo advertising for the limp-wristed Honda CR-Z. And then there's also this guy's feet, which you might want to laugh at, but you might just want to recommend a doctor for this guy to see. Seriously bro, get that checked out.

Wait, what am I saying, don't hate on this hoon! Yeah, he's just power-sliding his way around some German road course (Heide-Park Soltau, for those who want to know), but come on, if you can't get behind I guy going sideways with hokey slo-mo, you might be on the wrong website.

Hat Tip to Mikeado 5 Spec 2.0!

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