What's the most realistic Lego car?

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Sometimes, building realistic-looking cars out of Legos is a function of how much time and OCD-level attention one has to devote to the project. Other times, it's about nailing just the right details perfectly. What's the most realistic Lego car?


This 2004 Volvo XC90, made from a ludicrous amount of Lego bricks, was a product of the company's Master Model Builders — the mega-geeks who design, create and maintain the models at Legoland California. Assembled at the Lego Systems U.S. headquarters in Connecticut, the non-drivable SUV now resides at the Cali theme park, where it stands to remind parents of Legomaniacs how they got there, and that at some point they may get to go home, put their little corn-syrup junkies to bed and watch Archer in peace.

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Spiegel's is red. Mine is prettier.