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Watch a Mustang drift its way up a hill climb

Every time you pilot a shopping cart in the supermarket, every time you played with Hot Wheels, you always drove every corner sideways like this. This Luxembourgian Mustang drives like our dreams.


The man behind the wheel is Yves Faber, perhaps the coolest person from Luxembourg we've ever heard of. There's clearly something absolutely amazing about Fox Mustangs getting their hoon on in Europe, though the 450 horsepower do a good bit to make this 'Stang cool in its own right.

If you want to see how this run looked from the driver's seat, Yves kept all those mounted cameras rolling for his whole hillclimb. If you want to see Faber try his hand at this same Eschdorf hillclimb in the wet, there's a remarkably front suspension-focused video you can watch here.

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I want the GoPro Shot that is mounted off of the front fender. (See 47 seconds) and then not there at the end. what happened to it?