Matching Corvettes crash in Thanksgiving stoplight drag race fail

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I'm back home visiting family in suburban Houston, Texas for Thanksgiving and what should happen while I'm back? Why, it's two turkeys in a pair of matching Corvettes drag racing across my hometown and wrecking their cars in completely stupid fashion.


The Woodlands was a great place to grow up with good schools and abundant trails to explore, but it was sometimes tough growing up in a less-than-affluent home in a more-than-affluent town. For instance, my high school parking lot was full of brand new sports cars and BMWs while I drove a clunky old diesel sedan.

While many of my great friends also come from The Woodlands, there were certainly a lot of irresponsible people with cars they couldn't drive. I remember one kid who famously wrapped a Viper around a light pole for Christmas, and was then given another sports car to replace it.


The best illustration of this mindset might be this pair of silver Corvettes (one C5 and one C6 as the commenters point out) drag racing in a very full neighborhood with KIDS ON BIKES passing in front of them, courtesy of The Hooniverse.

It's highly irresponsible and not at all shocking. In fact, it's so expected that the person videoing it was doing so because it's such an obvious outcome.

I had a feeling something bad was going to happen b/c of the conditions and testosterone flowing between these two. No one was hurt, only the drivers egos.

It's good to be home.

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Patrick Frawley

So I was just writing back to Scorpio GTX1 about computers, thinking about using a Corvette in a comparison of something. I didn't, but keep thinking about it.

Quick walk to the supermarket for some paper towels and a can of beer and a red onion and a few other things, and I'm thinking the whole time: The Corvette is an amazingly fast and capable machine that just happens to be available at most places in the country at what is a very fair price given what it can do. Why does it have such a loathsome reputation? What's keeping it from taking its rightful place among the M3s and 911s in the general sense of esteem?

I get back, make lunch, and see this.

So, yeah.