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Meet London's New Double-Decker Bus

Illustration for article titled Meet Londons New Double-Decker Bus

The old London Routemaster bus is as much a British icon as a bowler hat or an MG TC. A radical new version of the classic has just been unveiled, bringing a serious dose of modern design to Trafalgar Square.


The bus is still a red double-decker, but the shape — all angles wrapped around curves — could hardly be more different than the classic Routemaster. The design was based on submissions by Aston Martin's styling crew and architect Norman Foster, and finalized by the avant-garde Heatherwick Studios. Wrightbus will build the new hybrid-powered people mover in Northern Ireland. Limited service is scheduled to start in time for the Olympics this summer.

Photo Credit: Heatherwick Studio

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Honest question here, do any commuters actually make it to the upper level? Or is it generally just tourists and the homeless that ride around up there all day?