This 875-Horsepower Ferrari FF Runs On Corn Gas

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For less than $2K you can convert your Ferrari FF to run on E85, raising the pathetic 650 stock horsepower to a more respectable 875 hp. On top of that, you'll apparently cut emissions by 80%. It's the "green" grand touring supercar.


The unnamed Ferrari dealer responsible for the switch to E85 makes it sound like Ferrari actually approves of the conversion (doubtful). We also doubt that many of Europe's ultra wealthy will be deeply concerned about the CO2 emissions of their V12 Ferrari, but a guilt-free 225 horsepower boost sounds great until you try to get any warranty work done.


Fuel economy in the FF is about 14 mpg combined.

The Fuel tank is about 23.5 gallons.

That's a range of About 330 miles.

If the FF runs so much better on E85 (Like a Swede I know)

Fuel economy will be down only about 6%. Range down to 313 miles Acceptable losses.

If it accepts it more like my parents Tahoe, it'll lose 25-33%

That's a range of 220-250 miles. That's pretty weak for a GT car.

The question then is how well does it make the switch?