Watch 12 Cute Dogs Bark The Star Wars Imperial March In VW's Super Bowl Ad Teaser

Last year Volkswagen won The Super Bowl commercial battle with their little kid dressed like Darth Vader ad. This year they're returning to the Star Wars theme as teased in this super cute commercial with a pup who appears to be Bones Mello the AT-AT Dog we first showed you in October.


Is Volkswagen's Super Bowl ad inspired by something they read on Jalopnik?

All we know about this ad, other than what we can ascertain by watching it, is the note saying it'll somehow "all make sense" when you see the commercial.


Also, VW will help you join the Dark Side with Star Wars-themed Super Bowl invites here. May the dog version of The Force be with you.

(Hat tip to Alex!)

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Being an Aussie...

<—- This is what I think of when I read Super Bowl