Proof Wild Turkey And Coke Don't Always Mix

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A Coca-Cola delivery driver in central Georgia got the shock of his life when a wild turkey smashed through the driver's side of his windshield last Monday.


Warning: Graphic photos of a very large, very dead bird below.

We have been told that these pictures were taken by a driver who was on his way to Harrison, about fifty miles east of Macon, when he passed the stopped rig. The truck driver was uninjured, but the bird wouldn't have had a chance.


Adult male wild turkeys typically weigh between 11 and 24 pounds. If the story these three shots tell is to be believed, it's a miracle that the bird didn't come through the glass and end up in the driver's face.

We have been reaching out to the Coca-Cola bottlers and distributors around where we believe the accident occurred and will post updates as we learn more.

Collisions between vehicles and animals are not uncommon, but it's unusual to have one this dramatic — never mind one that lends itself so easily to bad puns.

(Hat tip to Jim Slade!)

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J. Walter Weatherman

Wild Turkey and Coke. Ewwwwww. That's just gross. Don't go ruining bourbon by mixing it with flavored corn syrup.

Bourbon not sweet enough for you?

<—— Here, I think that these might be more to your liking.

Edit: FU Nibbles