Woman Having Seizure Crashes Camaro Into Two Corvettes

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A woman driving a Camaro SS reportedly had a seizure at this past weekend's Cars and Coffee in Dallas, pinning her foot to the throttle and driving into two Corvette Z06s. The driver was quickly hospitalized and is in unknown condition.


According to reports on various forums, the woman's husband was in the passenger seat and two children were in the back. Both the woman and her husband were taken out of the car in neck braces, but the children are fine. Given that the crash occurred in a crowded parking lot, the lack of other injuries is remarkable.

The Camaro first hit the blue C5 Corvette Z06, but with her foot to the floor she pushed both vehicles into the yellow C6 Z06. Camaro5 forum member RobMorgan was at the Cars and Coffee event and described the crash:

From the looks of it, the first vette is probably totaled. The [yellow] Z06 had minor damage, but the proud owner was pretty shaken up. From what I was told, the woman stayed on the gas full throttle just spinning until someone reached in and shut off the Camaro. Amazingly, no one was pinned or hurt. With the number of people around, I just don't know how everyone was missed.

A video posted online shows the immediate aftermath of the crash and gives an idea of just how crowded a space it is. Anyone who has been to one of these events knows that they often end in crashes, although the cause is usually a boastful and not a medical one.

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Photo Credit: Chrysler kid, LS1tech.com



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