The First Crash Of A Camaro ZL1

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When we were invited to drive the Camaro ZL1 at the Virginia International Raceway this week we considered going just to see an autojournalist put one off the track. We wouldn't have had to wait long. UPDATE! It was a journo!


This photo comes courtesy of auto journalist Aaron Gold on Facebook with only the caption "whoops," although it's probably not the poster who wrecked the car. We assume a journo was the one who wrecked, but no word yet on that, either.

A damp-looking track plus an enthusiastic driver plus a 580-hp RWD Chevy makes this sort of inevitable. We'll reserve judgment until we hear for sure what happened as accidents do happen even with very experienced drivers and a damp VIR is a fun — albeit challenging — place to drive.

We're just glad we drove it on a very dry track.

UPDATE: Yep, it was Aaron Gold. He admitted as much on Facebook, which is good of him. He's alright and the car has just "cosmetic" damage.


Bentoboxx, My Tank is full of it

Aaron admitted it was him and that GM said the damage is just cosmetic. BTW, Aaron is unbruised, well except for his ego